NDC Infrared Engineering: Achieving Consistent Quality and Improving Process Performance in the Converting Industry

The term “Converting” covers a huge range of product types incorporating a wide range of substrate, coating and lamination combinations.

The industry uses expensive materials in considerable quantities, so accurate and reliable in-process measurement and control systems are required to maintain and improve process performance through:

  • shortened start-up times
  • reduced rejects
  • optimal process operation
  • consistently meeting quality specifications

The NDC range of converting applications has been developed over 5 decades of experience in the industry, working with large and smaller players alike, to ensure that every component of our measurement systems meets your demands:

  • On-Line Gauges – deliver no-compromise measurement performance in the process environment
  • Precision Scanning Frames – traverse the gauges across the web generating highly accurate positional data
  • Profile Display & Control Systems – present, store & feed back the data to your process for automatic process control

Our NIR reflectance gauges are able to measure

  • moisture in paper and board
  • water based coatings
  • organic coatings such as adhesives
  • polymer laminations on paper
  • thin organic coatings on metal and metallized substrates

Our NIR transmission configurations are used for

  • clear coatings om polymer films
  • polymer to polymer laminations
  • barrier layers in multi-layer films

Designed for web scanning applications, the NDC NIR “light engine” gives the highest resolution measurements even on fast-moving webs. For heaver substrates, our gamma reflectance and beta transmission gauges measure mass per unit area.

NDC Converting Measurement and Control Systems are applied in a wide range of converting applications including:

  • Abrasives
  • Magnetic Media
  • Batteries (Lithium Ion)
  • Board Coating
  • Paper, Films and Foils
  • Composites
  • Decorative Laminates
  • Extrusion Coating
  • Flooring
  • Labelstock and Tape
  • Remoisturizing

Our global Customer Care team provides comprehensive local support worldwide through our network of NDC companies and distributors in every continent, supported by our applications technical support team. State-of-art manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA ensure that each system is built to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

If you have a measurement need in your converting process, please contact us to talk through your requirements. If you have a new product or new combination of coatings and substrate, our applications team can give you an assessment of the best way to make the measurement and advise on the the most suitable technology.

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