Neschen at Fespa 2013

Together with UK partner ArtSystems Neschen will focus on new digital printing products, protection and mounting films at Fespa 2013.

The digitally printable Neschen cling film solvoprint window-grip ultra clear which sticks without adhesive to all smooth surfaces whether they are made of glass, metal or other material is ideal for windows and mirrors as well as flat screens. The cling film can easily be applied and removed or repositioned again and again without losing any adhesive force and without leaving any residue. The highly transparent polyester adhesive film can be printed with (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curable inks or in an UV offset printing process. According to Neschen these ink systems give an outstanding print quality with high colour brilliance to the solvoprint window-grip ultra clear.

In addition Neschen will be primarily presenting its multiple prize-winning products Erfurt wallpaper CA and solvoprint easy dot 100 PE. The Neschen digital non-woven Erfurt wallpaper CA can now be printed with water-based printing systems in addition to (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. So the environmentally-friendly quality of the PVC-free wallpaper is retained when printing with water-based pigment inks. Erfurt wallpaper CA is the ideal printing medium if you want to customize walls with personal motifs. ArtSystems claims that this market in particular is growing fast in England.

The self-adhesive digital print film solvoprint easy dot 100 won the Viscom Award 2012 and is the Top Retail Product 2012. The adhesive dot coating allows it to be applied quickly and easily without a squeegee. Even if you have not had any practical experience, this can be achieved without bubbles and wrinkles, as many examples of applications have shown. Due to the air gaps, the adhesive process can be corrected on nearly all surfaces. At the end of an event or promotion, easy dot 100 can be removed easily and without leaving any residue. It is therefore the ideal print medium for events and advertising messages.

The transparent version easy dot 100 clear is also ideal for glass surfaces. Printed back-to-front, it can be used for a shop window advertising message affixed to the inside of the window. The self-adhesive film can also be used for stickers and logos: after printing the stickers are simply removed from the film using the cutting plotter. The easy dot is now available in sheets for screen printing and UV offset printing processes. For this purpose, the Neschen product is available in a matte and a transparent version.

“We are obviously very much looking forward to the Fespa in London,” says Steven Hawker, Managing Director of ArtSystems in Nottingham. “Together with our partner Neschen we will be presenting the German manufacturer’s high quality brand media and hope to welcome plenty of specialist visitors.”

ArtSystems has HP and Canon inkjets in their range and supplies users in the UK and Ireland with corresponding accessories and consumables. The system supplier and provider of solutions is well placed in the market there and has an outstanding dealer network. Using this network, they can thus ensure availability of Neschen materials.