New coatings training offers exciting career opportunities

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) is expanding  its training programme for the coatings industry worldwide with new partner Vincentz Network. 

““I am proud for the BCF to be teaming up with such a strong partner in the coatings industry, organiser of the leading European Coatings Show and publisher of the European Coatings Journal,” comments CEO Tom Bowtell.  “Vincentz has a stellar reputation and an unparalleled reach in the coatings industry and I’m looking forward to working together to help to educate the Coatings Industry around the world”.

For several years the BCF has marketed the British School of Paint Technology mainly in the UK. To reflect the new global approach the name was modified to The Coatings Training Institute and now will reach many more potential students with Vincentz’s backing.  The Institute`s web training which officially goes live on 1 November 2013  is suitable for anyone who needs to know more about coatings technology. This means not just people directly involved  in coatings formulation and manufacture but also people right across the supply chain including suppliers to the industry and users of coatings products. Sales people, customer service staff, managers at all levels, people working in the lab, quality control and production staff will all benefit. More than 60 modules are offered at four levels of difficulty. Students can choose the modules that best meet their needs. The wide range of modules extends from paint and ink application, manufacture and evaluation of paints, ink technology and formulation to pigments and other raw materials. The new website The Coatings Training Institute allows students  self-study in their own time with the highest flexibility: learn where and when you want – at your own pace. An additional plus for this distance learning programme is that students have excellent support and direct contact with qualified BCF tutors, making it much more than basic on line study. Successful completion of six modules will result in achieving the International Certificate in Coatings Technology which will be a great career accelerator for individuals in the demanding coatings world.