New curing system for US

GEW HAS introduced a new UV curing system was introduced to the North American converting industry that can process a wide range of products because of the optimisation of reflector geometry, high UV lamp output, electronic e-Brick power supply modules and cool running operation.

GEW’s IW1 UV system has been designed for machines with a straight web as well as for those that use web path rollers. With support engineering also available from GEW, the IW1 concept can be added to existing machines with a driven chill roller and where needed, in an inert atmosphere curing environment.

“Advising on specialised solutions is one of our strengths,” says Brian Wenger, president of GEW’s USA operation. “We recently supplied an IW1 nitrogen inerted UV curing system to a customer in Europe.  The installation of this specially tailored solution for coating thickness up to 25um was for the development of nanotechnology to create improved coatings using smaller pigment particles. The smaller particles impart superior product qualities such as durability, gloss, scratch resistance and electrical conductivity.”  

The power supply GEW provides customers is 32 kW electronic unit available for the IW1 UV system.  This offers a claimed reduction in power consumption of up to 30 percent in comparison to transformer driven power supplies in typical use and takes up significantly less floor space. The use of electronics increases UV output and contributes in reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. UV lamp output adjusts seamlessly in relation to substrate speed and the operator is able to monitor UV output via a touch screen interface.


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