New Erhardt+Leimer products at drupa 2016

Erhardt+Leimer, global supplier of automation and inspection technology from Stadtbergen (Germany), presents its latest products for the print industry at drupa. The Erhardt+Leimer booth B40 in Hall 16 will centre on the print image monitoring system ELSCAN OMS 6, a new reference system for image quality, and the highly-dynamic actuating drive AG 9. As a further highlight, E+L will present the new WBM-Tool for the web-based commissioning and operation of a web guiding system.

The ELSCAN OMS6 contains two 12 megapixel cameras, which ensures image quality in Ultra-HD (4x HD) with perfect colour reproduction, without apparent distortion in the edges of the image. Thanks to the maintenance and wear-free fixed focus lenses, it can be zoomed without delay. The short flash times of the extremely durable LED flash permit web speeds of up to 1,200m/min. Optionally, special UV and paint flashes can be used to illuminate particularly critical print images perfectly.

Another feature is high-speed traversing: The camera can move at positioning speeds of up to 900mm/s. The drive unit is collector-free, making the camera crossbeam virtually wear free. Web widths of up to 2,800mm can be implemented.

The new actuating drive AG 9 is used in combination with the colour line sensor FE 52 and the command station DO 30 for web guiding on unwinders, rewinders and in pivoting frames. Ethernet networking with response times of 1 ms and an actuating speed of up to 60 mm/s ensure maximum actuating dynamics. Even at a high winding speed, that allows optimal compensation of tumbling errors, for example. Control frequencies up to 4 Hz are possible. The motor used in the actuating drive is brushless and thus wear-free. The position is acquired via an integrated absolute encoder. That means that no reference run is required on commissioning, and the current position of the actuating drive is not lost even if the power fails. The controller is also integrated in the actuating drive. The equipment itself is highly compact, allowing it to be mounted even in tight spaces.

The crucial parameters actuating speed, actuating force and actuating travel are infinitely adjustable. This variable design makes logistics, stockholding and spare part warehousing of actuating drives much more easy for customers.

Another highlight at the E+L booth will be the WBM tool for the web-based management of web guiding system in conjunction with an electronic support beam for sensor positioning. One possible scenario: The user accesses their pivoting frame from their tablet or smartphone via an Internet browser, for example to commission a system or change the control parameters and optimize the system.