New systems introduced to PC Industries

PC Industries recently introduced a Guardian Mini system for use in print quality and variable data 100% inspection applications. The system has a host of features that make it a complete solution suitable for label, packaging, pharmaceutical, converting, and flexo applications.

The Guardian Mini is a customizable system that is flexible enough to meet the needs and budget of nearly any narrow web application. The Guardian Mini is capable of variable data inspection.

In addition to checking for presence or absence of set characters, the system can verify the accuracy of serial numbers, barcodes, lot numbers, or any other content that changes incrementally. This application is of particular use in pharmaceutical printing where accuracy is critical. In addition to variable data inspection, the system can also be equipped with the defect detection and roll mapping capability. The defect roll map captures and records images of all defects for each roll. It allows the operator to train the system to ignore acceptable blemishes, accept, or reject them on the fly, without stopping the press, printer, slitter/rewinder, or tabletop rewinder. The roll map interfaces with a stand–‐alone workstation or rewinder to help streamline the roll audit process by automatically stopping the rewinder to present defects for operator action.

On applications where security is a necessity, the Guardian Mini provides all the capabilities you need to provide a complete, secure audit trail for each run. The Page 2 of 3 defect roll map records defects, as well as a log of operator action. The Guardian Mini, with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance option, provides an audit trail and secure login for operators and administrators.

The Guardian Mini is flexible and completely customizable. Variable data verification, along with an extensive list of other configurations, are the reasons that the Guardian Mini is becoming our most widely requested system. In addition to variable data inspection, the following capabilities are also available:

  • 100% print quality inspection
  • Linear barcode decoding with sequential check
  • Absence/presence
  • Dimensional gauging
  • Repeat Length Monitoring
  • ANSI/ISO linear barcode grading
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • And more…

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