New technologies help Russian label printers to compete

As label printers in Russia benefit from growing consumer demand they are increasingly relying on 100% defect detection technologies supplied by Erhardt+Leimer

It is no secret that the modern history of label printing in Russia started with ‘perestroika’ at the end of 1980. This involved basically new technology for start-up companies and was typical for even the larger ones which installed the simplest flexo printers or second-hand machines, very often without necessary equipment including web guiders and video systems.

The situation has changed drastically in the past 20 years. Because the quality demand from the market is very often much higher than in the west, Russian label printers have mastered all the modern technologies – and most recently 100% defect detection systems.

Inspection technologies

Market leader in inspection technologies, Erhardt+Leimer has several customers in Russia including Saint-Petersburg-based X-Label Polygraph, sister company of Polygraphzaschita.

Both companies have a long history and when they formed a joint business in Russia in 2010 printing quality control was based on Erhardt+Leimer’s latest Nyscan inspection technology. By that time X-Label had good experience with this system which is why right from the start the Russian company went by the most difficult yet the most efficient route to performing inspection workflow. The complete range of inspection components from pre-press through printing machines to post production was successfully installed.

The Nyscan Image Inspector unit is responsible for the quality of flexo printing plates; in the printing workshop the Nyscan Web: Inspector collects full information about all detected defects and after editing this information goes directly to the doctor machines to the Nyscan Roll Scheduler where all defects found from the previous stage are finally removed.

Growing customer base

Further examples of customers which are leading business in the Russian market include Moscow-based Imagency which uses the 100% inspection only on the flexo printer, Rost from Nizhny Novgorod which has installed the Nyscan Web: Inspector on its doctor machine and subsequently decided to equip all of its rewinders with inspection systems with Nyscan equipment.

They have all successfully used 100% inspection technology for several years and many more companies in Russia are following their lead. It is very much a high demand for increased quality from the market that is driving companies to invent new and more innovative ways to be competitive and 100% defect detection technology is the obvious development for the Russian market for the next few years.

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