Newark Recycled Paperboard streamlines facilities to increase capabilities

Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions a leader in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard in the US and Canada plans to strengthen the company’s capabilities.

“Newark continues its dedicated focus on quality, sustainability and better ways to service our customers,” explains CEO and president Frank Papa. “On the heels of a strong performance last fiscal year we’re making the decision to reinvest in several operations. We strategically developed a plan to improve the utilisation of our people and assets and most importantly, provide quality products and services in areas where our customers reside.” As a better mechanism to service Northeast regional and Central Ohio customers, Newark will strengthen its capabilities in Franklin, OH and Milwaukee, WI and consolidate the Northeast facilities.

The Newark Franklin, OH facility currently produces laminated panels, spines and floor protection products. It will take on a larger footprint as tube and core manufacturing will be added. As well as doubling the Franklin, OH operations, Newark is strengthening operations at its Newark Milwaukee, WI facility. They are increasing converting capabilities in the area of laminated panels for book and loose-leaf customers. The Greenville, PA facility will be consolidated into the Franklin, OH facility.

Newark has several operations in the Northeast. Newark’s Chicopee, MA operation will become the primary facility for the NE and will continue producing top quality tubes and cores. The Lawrence, MA facility will be consolidated into the Chicopee operation.

“It makes economic sense and provides a strong platform to support our valued Newark customers,” concludes Papa. “These changes mark another step in Newark’s continued vision to move our manufacturing where we can best serve our customers. Both of these moves will enable us to be more efficient and supply quality products to our customers in a quicker timeframe.” The streamlining of operations is expected to be completed this coming fall.