Ninu Perfume case study

Ninu Perfume is the concept for the first revolutionary smart sustainable fragrance bottle with artificial intelligence developed by Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries.

Ninu Perfume is a fully custom project that, thanks to a dedicated app, allows you to choose from over 100 fragrances to find the one that best fits your mood of the day, to create your own tailored perfume at any time.

The advantage of the project is to create a customized fragrance based on the user’s needs thanks to artificial intelligence. AI is able to monitor the user’s olfactory preferences and their variations in order to suggest the most suitable fragrance at any time of day.

Within the bottle are three separate cartridges of 25ml that contain different but complementing bases inside. A patent pending electronic driven system blends the bases together in various ratios to create dozens of varieties and intensities in order to offer everyone the opportunity to create a fragrance aspiring to the maximum possible customisation in just a few moments.

In the design phase, the goal was to create a product able to contribute towards reducing the 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in the beauty industry. For this reason, the decision was taken to develop an electronic device that can be continually refilled, offering potentially infinite reuse and consequently a reduction in the environmental impact.

Sustainability is also a factor in the fragrances of Ninu Perfume, which were chosen and created in collaboration with a team of master perfumers led by Dominique Moellhausen to ensure the use of high-quality ingredients that are 100% vegan and free from harmful substances.

Ninu Perfume was developed in line with Berlin Packaging’s mission, which aims to provide customers with consultancy and a broad range of solutions that optimally balance aesthetics, maximal application performance and minimal environmental impact.