No gimmicks, no inflated claims, just high quality Static Control Solutions


If you’re an Engineer or Production Manager and you’re dealing with a Static issue, it’s almost guaranteed that the only two concerns you have are:

[highlight]How quickly can I fix this?[/highlight]


[highlight]How much will it cost?[/highlight]

The good news is that in all but the rarest cases, when you deal with Fraser Anti-Static Techniques the answers are:

[highlight]Straight Away[/highlight]


[highlight]Less than you’d expect[/highlight]

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques don’t just sell Static Control and Static Generation Equipment. They provide instead, bespoke Static Control Solutions, for a huge range of manufacturers in diverse industries all over the world. Their high standard of customer service ensures that orders are turned around quickly and there is always someone available to answer questions or offer advice.

As you would expect from leaders in the field of industrial electrostatics, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques invest extensively in research and development, all of which helps to make sure that their customers not only have the best available solution, but also the highest quality and most cost effective one.

The Fraser mission statement, shown below drives the company to make sure it keeps its promises.

[pullquote]“We supply products that don’t come back, to customers who do.”[/pullquote]

So when it comes to a Static Control Solution for your company, why would you choose between price and quality? With Fraser Anti-Static Techniques you can have both and you can have it right now.

Long Range


Compact and Short Range


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