Non-porous black ink dries quickly on variety of substrates

Videojet Technologies has introduced.a new ink for its 8510 and Wolke thermal ink jet (TIJ) printer lines. The non-porous black ink (WLK660072) was designed for fast dry times on a wide range of non-porous materials.

“Our customers not only need high quality printers but high-performing inks that will fulfill their coding needs,” explains Casey Robertson, North American thermal ink jet product manager. “Non-porous black ink for our thermal ink jet printers enables customers in a variety of industries to print codes with excellent quality.”

Non-porous black is a specially-formulated solvent-based ink designed to dry quickly on a range of surfaces including coated or lacquered cartons, blister package materials and some plastics. In addition the ink maintains excellent light and water resistance, withstanding fading and smearing under routine conditions and/or after water contact. Since HP technology is being utilised to print this ink, customers can expect no costly maintenance and very simple operation.

The non-porous black ink dries quickly and adheres to a variety of substrates without the use of a dryer or the need to modify the substrate. It extends the code assurance features of the Videojet 8510 and Wolke m600 touch printers to a wider range of applications. Customers packaging food, personal care items or consumer packaged goods that often use coated cartons or labels will find the ink beneficial. Because the ink is solvent-based, delivering quick dry times for blister packaging becomes especially useful to companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.