Nordson ASYMTEK wins Global Technology Award

Nordson ASYMTEK has won the 2012 Global Technology Award in the dispensing equipment category for its NexJet dispensing system with the Genius Jet Cartridge. This significant technology advancement is said to make fluid dispensing faster, easier and smarter. The award recognises the best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. This was the fifth time Nordson ASYMTEK has won a Global Technology award.

Central to the NexJet System is the one-piece Genius Jet Cartridge which is the only system part that contains fluid and therefore needs to be changed or cleaned. It is easily removed in seconds without tools.

The NexJet System can deliver 300 shots of fluid in one second, an improvement of 50% over previous jets. To enable more reliable and intelligent dispensing and processes, an RFID transceiver embedded in the dispense system communicates with the stored memory on the cartridge. The RFID feature ensures that the correct cartridge is installed, checks to see if the cartridge is within life expectancy and alerts the operator when the cartridge needs replacement. A wide breadth of fluids can be used for many applications including stacked die, precision coating, LEDs, flat panel displays, lab-on-a-chip and MEMS packaging. Besides making jetting faster and easier, the NexJet reduces cost of ownership by up to 20% over other jets.

“This innovative technology revolutionises dispensing by changing the construction of the jet itself, the accompanying software and adding wireless capabilities for process monitoring and control,” says president Peter Bierhuis. “We thank Global SMT & Packaging and its panel of experts for their recognition of our NexJet Dispensing System.”