Nordson rebrands Xaloy, EDI and Verbruggen acquisitions

Nordson Corporation will rebrand its recent acquisitions of Xaloy Superior Holdings and EDI Holdings to Nordson XALOY and Nordson EDI, respectively. Constructiewerkhuizen G. Verbruggen NV, acquired by Nordson in 2011 and Premier Dies acquired by EDI earlier this year also will transition to the Nordson EDI brand name.  

“Attachment of the Nordson master brand to these acquired companies signifies the highly complementary nature of their products to each other as EDI’s extrusion dies and feedblocks are immediately downstream from Xaloy’s screw, barrel, melt pump and screen changer offerings on a typical plastic extrusion line,” says Nordson senior vice president Peter Lambert.  “The connection to the Nordson name also helps communicate Nordson’s customer value proposition which emphasises an optimised offering that lowers customers’ total cost of ownership through increased uptime, greater throughput and enhanced efficiency. Both EDI and Xaloy bring customers an extensive understanding of plastic processes and in-depth expertise of component performance requirements. As Nordson continues to invest in these businesses over the long term, we expect they will provide their customers with even greater value in terms of innovation, service and enhanced global availability.” 
As part of the branding transition, the visual identity of EDI and Xaloy will be aligned with Nordson’s, including adoption of new Nordson EDI and Nordson XALOY logos. The transition to the new visual identity will be phased in and is expected to be completed over the next several months. Customer service and sales contacts for the respective organisations remain the same. 
“While EDI and Xaloy may be modifying their name and look they will continue to provide the same outstanding products and high level of service customers have come to expect,” concludes Lambert.  “Whether a customer is purchasing one or multiple components, our commitment to that customer’s success remains unchanged.”