OLBRICH aquires SAM SUNGAN Pagendarm

In a further widening of their extensive capabilities in the manufacture of coating lines, OLBRICH GmbH has  announced the takeover of the employees and know-how of the insolvent SAM SUNGAN Pagendarm with effect from 17 January 2013.

The opening of their own facility in Hamburg, located in the premises hitherto occupied by SAM SUNGAN  Pagendarm forms part of the continued growth of OLBRICH. The new Hamburg base will serve as a  business centre under the leadership of two joint OLBRICH CEOs, Dr Stephan Funke and Rolf Langkamp. The co-ordination of the centre will be in the hands of Stefan Essing, head of sales for  the film and paper industries.

The established SAM SUNGAN Pagendarm customer service facilities in  Hamburg will continue in their previous form under Peter Rose.     

“We are delighted that both Ralph Pagendarm and Peter Belkowitz, the previous joint CEOs of SAM SUNGAN Pagendarm share our enthusiasm for our project,” says Langkamp. “They will both be active for  OLBRICH from the base in Hamburg“.   

All the other employees of SAM SUNGAN Pagendarm will serve long-term with OLBRICH.

“This is ideal for  our customers who will thus profit in the future from the know-how of both companies“, adds Funke.      

With  headquarters in Bocholt OLBRICH is one of  the leading suppliers of machinery  for  the  manufacture of floor and wall coverings and the finishing of film, foil, paper and textile products. With more than 700 employees the OLBRICH Group is active in the area of machinery and  tooling for the automotive industry and operates from four locations in Europe. SAM  SUNGAN  Pagendarm formerly  specialised in the supply of innovative  machinery  for  the  packaging industry for the production of labels/tapes and in-line coating.