OMET Suzhou holds open house at new technology centre

In November 2012 OMET Suzhou Mechanical Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Italian company OMET held an open house was held with more than 50 representatives from 25 companies including present and potential customers. The general feeling was that OMET presses are a true response to the present market demand and all the delegates showed a lot of interest in the company’sinnovation.

Founded in 2007 OMET Suzhou Mechanical Co. Ltd is iresponsible for the sale of both printing presses and tissue converting machines in the territory of China as well as a large production department dedicated to OMET systems in motion. 

Since 2012 the Chinese plant has its own printing technology centre with presses on display. The centre and showroom is strategic to the development of the relationship with customers and gives them an intuitive and hands-on experience of the equipment potential.

The centre currently displays one XFlex X2 370 which has been sold already to Yanfeng Plastic Packing Co. Ltd, China; one XFlex X4 370 mm with 12 colours, 2 screen, 2 cold foil and 2 rewinders is on its way to China and scheduled to arrive within February 2013.

The Chinese printing industry which held 9,16% of the global output in 2011 is developing rapidly as a whole with the  packaging and decoration sector holding the largest proportion – up to 33.3% – and the best growth rate.
The next open house will be organised as soon as possible after the arrival of the new press to China.