One world…one direction

A bold statement but one Paragon Inks has total belief in and is 100% committed too. Since the completion of new global manufacturing headquarters based in Livingston Scotland at the start of 2011, Paragon Inks has seen growth in not only the home but global markets.

Business growth can be attributed in many ways from internal processes and efficiencies to better buying, service and increased sales. However, the one aspect Paragon Inks believes is critical to achieve this is the ‘correct formula’ based on lots of equations balancing and working together. Now we are not talking solely about product but the approach to internal and external business as a whole in conjunction with market understanding and forethought.

For the past few years Paragon Inks has been pioneering their way to achieve effective cost reductions for their customers without affecting service, quality, supply and development.

This path has lead them to the pinnacle of being able to supply the now one world market, a complete service package that delivers savings at every level.

This formula path has lead the way to the official opening of Paragon Inks ZA (PTY) Ltd, a commitment by Paragon Inks to the African market and global brand owners; giving a facility for local supply, payment and service. This sister site now compliments Paragon Inks AUS and Paragon Inks USA, yet another equation to meet the one world demands.

So, what is the formula? Why is Paragon Inks the alternative choice for inks and coatings?

For the answers we need to travel back 28 years when Paragon Inks was created. A privately owned UV ink manufacturing company, servicing then what was the narrow web market of letterpress printing in the UK.

Over the years Paragon Inks has developed strategically, listening and reacting to the industry it services to become the global brand it is today.

Still privately owned, still manufacturing from a one-global-site but now manufacturing over 60% of it’s UV inks and coatings for the global unsupported web printing market. The graph shows this growth over the 28-year period.

This business diversification was not created by chance, it was planned and executed by listening and working with key suppliers, customers, brand owners, OEMs and co-suppliers whom form a crucial forum for the ever changing consumer.

As Paragon Inks’ home and global markets changed, affirmation was given that their internal changes to business, processes and culture was the right starting equation for the final formula.

Concentrating on what the customer and market wants they went on to create a formula for the alternative global choice to supply of inks and coatings:

– Global guarantee on the quality of product (it does what it says on the tin)

– One world product consistency

– Product flexibility to application (from SAL to Wrap-a-Round)

– Product compliance to the ever changing global legislations

– On-site service and support

– Training and education both on and off site at their training academy

– Cost and waste minimisation programmes running year-on-year

– Strategic business development forums with customers and their customers’

– Innovation development with OEMs and co-suppliers such as the Holoemboss development with Foilco The resultant formulation was one that could be adapted for a new start up label company to the largest global co-operation. Legislation is now one of the most critical parts of any UV printers business to make sure that not only the products they produce are fit for purpose for their customers but the materials they purchase to use in those said products are suitable too.

Paragon Inks approach is not a grey smokescreen on legislation but a clear black and white one for printers to brand owners. This pragmatic approach gives the printer and their customers a solid foundation to work from; combined with Paragon Inks’ unique GMP procedures this foundation is turned into a concrete build so reducing costs and growing brand and business.

Paragon Inks offer a full range of UV flexo inks and coatings to meet all the one-world applications and legislations for the web printing industry:

– The LM series, a core range of inks and coatings meeting the global migration limit of 60ppm suitable for supported and unsupported applications from SAL to basic shrink sleeve

– The AL series, a bespoke range of inks for advanced level shrink sleeve applications across a multitude of substrates

– The ULM series, a certified range of inks and coatings that comply to EuPIA migration limits of 10ppb, suitable for supported and unsupported applications

– Dedicated products such as opaque whites and metallics for SAL, shrink sleeve, lidding, wrap-around and flexible packaging.

– Bespoke designed clear coats and adhesives to meet brand owner and end user requirements. All the inks and coatings are formulated, made and individually tested at Paragon Inks’ one-world-manufacturing-site.

So the formula to a complete package for printers to brand owners is a combination of equations covering: product; service and support; training; understanding and awareness; integrity; consistency; and innovation.

The Paragon Inks formula is not a static solution; it is one in constant flux. Ever changing to meet todays and the future demands of the one-world markets.

The Paragon Inks brand identity is fundamental to grow and long-term development. Good brand identity creates confidence and trust and so strengthening the supplier / customer relationship. This relationship is key to a successful win-win formula.

Paragon Inks is already looking at the future; yet again increasing its staff within all key departments. This commitment will allow the winning formula to touch both new application and print markets in the coming years.

For more information on Paragon Inks and their formula for products, services and supply please contact Amanda Jones, International and UK sales manager at or directly to the Paragon Inks team at