PC Industries – State-of-the-art inspection systems for the converting industry

logoPC Industries has been in business for over 40 years, developing and manufacturing powerful, high quality inspection systems for the converting, printing, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

Verification Systems Limited (VSL) – Specialist in Security Print Verification Systems

VSL is one of the world’s leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of Inspection and Verification Systems for Security Print including bank notes, cheques, certificates, and more. VSL has years of experience in providing and servicing simple to complex inspection solutions for variable printed data including serial numbering and barcodes.

PC Industries and Verification Systems Limited (VSL) unite to provide converters in Europe with utmost customer support

Last year, PC Industries and VSL merged both companies’ resources and technologies. This merger allows PC Industries and VSL to provide an expanded product line to meet the needs of their worldwide customer base.

PC Industries’ and VSL’s history in the industry have allowed them to build great strength in understanding converters’ and printers’ concerns when it comes to quality requirements. Beyond providing reliable and powerful inspection systems, both companies have a clear focus on after-sales support for converters and printers, and place a high value in assuring the satisfaction of their customers well after the sale is done.

Supporting customers during the life of the inspection system

PC Industries’ support is now included for VSL products, providing customers with the following services during the life of their inspection system:

  • Model upgrades: Get 100% trade-in credit within the first year, and 50% within the second toward the purchase of any upgraded system.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and factory labor on every PC Industries system.
  • Satisfaction Assurance Policy: If the system is unable to meet the specifications as quoted during the first 30 days, receive a full refund, less startup and shipping costs.

Furthermore, the merger between PC Industries and VSL expands support for the U.K., Europe, and surrounding areas.


PC Industries has developed a complete line of products that address all converting, printing, and workflow issues at every stage of production.

  • Pre-press
    • Off-line Proofing System – Guardian OLP
      Prevent pre-press errors by verifying that production files exactly match the customer approved original.
  • On Press
    • 100% Defect Detection – Guardian PQV and Guardian MINI
      Checks all product for defects, sequential data errors, process errors, and more.
      Optionally, the Defect Mapping system records defects by lane and footage for each roll, enabling the operator to compare the print to the master without stopping the press.
    • Web Viewers and Spectrophotometers – Graphic Vision GV 500 Series and GV-Spectro
      Helps the operator monitor the web by providing a clear image of the web at any speed, using high resolution cameras, state-of-the-art lighting, and powerful industrial computers.
      The Spectrophotometer provides absolute delta E color measurement and reporting on-line, even at high speed.
    • Entry Level, Full Web Inspection – Guardian LSI
      To step up from a web viewer to full web inspection, the system spots typical defects, missing labels, and unremoved matrix.
    • Repeat Length Monitoring – LM 400
      The system monitors the repeat of a moving web and displays the real-time length on a high-resolution monitor.
  • Post-press
    • 100% Inspection – Guardian PQV and Guardian MINI
      Checks all product for defects, sequential data errors, process errors, and more, on the rewinder or after converting.
    • Defect Mapping – Guardian PQV and Guardian MINI
      Interfaces with any slitter/rewinder or audit rewinder to automatically place defects for correction.
    • Inspection Certification – Guardian OLP
      Assure proper version control. Perform final audit of product to be shipped to the customer, provide a certificate of inspection, and perform incoming inspection.


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