Pilot coaters developed for specific applicatons

COATEMA BELIEVES that a combination of conventional coating technologies and the targeted use of electronic functions have been made possible by technical developments in its production lines. Two of those coaters were shown at the recent Lope-C exhibition in Frankfurt, namely, the Smartcoater and the Basecoater.

The Coatema Smartcoater is a compact and multifunctional small-scale coating unit with various application technologies. A knife system, slot die, foulard, micro roller or engraved roller can be used. Low costs are guaranteed by a minimal material input at a working width of 100mm. The equipment of the Smartcoater enables reproducibility and provides easy handling for small sample production.

The Basecoater 3G also offers the greatest possible flexibility. The new Basecoater generation is based on the modular ‘Click & Coat’ and specifically designed for the production of large-area electronics. It is a contributing factor that the results can be delivered with high accuracy resolution, says the company.


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