Plasfilms adds rigid film to its distribution portfolio

APET film production
APET film production

One of the leading films and distribution businesses, Plasfilms, has introduced APET and rPET rigid films to its packaging films portfolio.

In collaboration with Polish films manufacturer, Eurocast, Plasfilms is currently supplying both APET and rPET film to the UK and Irish markets for thermoforming applications, such as formed trays for food manufacturers.

The rigid film is thermo laminated inline, providing a cost benefit, as the need to unwind and perform the laminating process is removed. The film can also be produced with a silicon release coating.

Plasfilms’s rigid films range includes APET and rPET, APET/PE, APET/PE peelable and APET/EVOH/PE. Film can be supplied in a variety of colours including transparent, black, white, red, yellow, brown, grey, silver and gold. Minimum order quantities are typically 1-3t of standard colours.

Plasfilms offers distribution and supply chain services for businesses across the UK packaging and labelling industry.

Its distribution processes cover the entire value chain with an advanced logistics model encompassing procurement, storage and delivery. With direct access to UK stock, the company provides a complete solution that is bespoke to individual customer requirements and is able to meet just-in-time demands. Its service is further enhanced by its temperature-controlled warehousing facilities.

Plasfilms’s John Walker said: “Rigid films are the fastest growing sector of the packaging market. Due to changes in consumer preferences, convenience products and ready-made meals are becoming ever more popular, and consequently, the demand for APET films increases – this in turn means that reduced customer lead times are always adding pressure to the supply chain. At Plasfilms, our true distribution model can ease this pressure with deliveries direct from UK-held stock.”

Plasfilms operates as part of the Plastribution group, one of the UK’s leading polymer distributors.