Plasfilms launches new re-closable zipper

Plasfilms SenzoZIPLeading films distributor, Plasfilms, has announced the launch of a new addition to the SANZIP range of products with a re-closable zipper product.

The innovation combines both audible characteristics and tactile sensation together with an inner holding force and easy close features. It not only provides unmatched security, it also offers consumers a convenient experience when using the product. Available as a double or triple type zipper and manufactured in LDPE, the zipper has the potential to become the zipper of choice in re-closable bags and pouches.

Commenting on the new zipper, Plasfilms’ Stephen Harpham, said: “This is the first zipper of its kind that provides feedback during closure. The user can actually feel and hear the zipper working, creating confidence and certainty in the mechanics of the closure operation.”

Plasfilms is the sole UK distributor for the SANZIP re-closable zipper range, which are manufactured by C.I Kasei (CIK), the Japanese manufacturer of re-closable zipper products. SANZIP is used throughout the world and is respected for performance characteristics. Its existing portfolio consists of over 100 zipper grades, which enable the company to respond to a wide variety of applications.

Having built a reputation for unrivalled films and industry knowledge, Plasfilms’ distribution processes cover the entire value chain with an advanced logistics model encompassing procurement, storage and delivery. With direct access to UK stock, the company provides a complete solution that is bespoke to individual customer requirements and is able to meet just-in-time demands.