Plug in and go

Tools & Production (T&P) has introduced an economically priced and compact die-cutting unit for offline use in narrow web applications. The E-Z Change can die-cut rolls up to 455 mm wide at 30 metres/minute and deliver rewound or sheeted product across a variety of substrates from paper to film, foil, rubber and cork. 

Custom built, each machine can include unwind, one die-cut station, matrix rewind, material rewind or unwind, laminate, two die-cut stations, matrix rewind and sheeter. There is a facility to add magnetic cylinders, stackers, print-to die-cut registration, three-tier tension control for higher accuracy and all with wider web width capabilities and faster operating speeds.
 “The E-Z Change simply plugs into a standard 220V electrical socket,” explains sales manager Peter Tupman. “ All you need is air supply for the shafts and clutch.  It offers everything that larger and more expensive machines can offer but at a fraction of the cost.  We see it as real winner!”