PRIMIR 2013 meeting explores packaging trends in emerging markets

PRIMIR, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, during its Winter Meeting, 9-11 December 2013 will delve into the  results of its newest study Packaging in Emerging Markets (Latin America &  Asia Pacific). 

Presenters Jennifer Dochstader and David Walsh, principals of LPC, will provide a qualitative assessment of the current state of packaging, printing and converting in these regions plus a current trends analysis. Breakout data for packaging exports as well as benchmark trending data on interregional and international trade from 2007-2012 and trade projection data through to 2016, will also be covered to provide attendees with an understanding of packaging shipments for tags and labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons  and corrugated.

Additionally, the meeting will present the findings from another timely PRIMIR research study UV/EB Curing Technologies in Printing, presented by Marco Boer, VP of IT Strategies.

Next up will be a featured presentation of the long-awaited research findings from the NPES study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU): Worldwide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry. Lead researcher Alex Chan, senior analyst, custom research for the EIU will be on hand to share highlights of the data and findings. The 2013 Worldwide Market for Print study analyses and identifies global print products, services, equipment, substrates and supplies  opportunities for all firms in the print supply chain along with the countries to  watch—the emerging print  markets Always a highlight for PRIMIR meeting attendees are plant tours which for this meeting will be to nearby award-winning print firm The Garvey Group. Time is allotted on the program for members to take part in task force meetings to weigh-in on and discuss current PRIMIR research projects; members will participate in a brainstorming session to determine the topics for future  research.

PRIMIR meetings are dynamic interactive forums that bring together industry managers and experts from across the graphic communications industry.