Print quality system raises the bar on sheet inspection

An innovative inline colour management and sheet inspection system for the Presstek 75DI digital offset press, Virtuoso performs a complete inspection of each sheet as it passes through the press at full speed. Virtuoso consists of four modules which can be configured to fit the needs of individual shops.

Colour management: Virtuoso’s Compact Imaging Sensor (VCIS) is integrated into the last unit of the press. It reads the colour bar on each sheet and makes any necessary adjustments to ink density on the fly. This ensures consistent colour across the sheet and from sheet-to-sheet. The need to pull sheets for quality control purposes is eliminated, improving production.

Defect detection: Virtuoso checks each sheet for defects including hickeys, marking, scumming, substrate defects, colour variations, register defects, inking issues and scratching.

Defective sheets are automatically marked as they are delivered to the stacker. Feedback is then provided to the controller, ensuring consistently high quality throughout the run.

Registration control: on-press laser imaging provides excellent registration from the first sheet to the last. To further ensure that precise registration is maintained throughout the run,

Virtuoso will automatically scan the registration marks on each sheet, providing feedback to the press controller and automatically initiating adjustments during the production run.

PROOF+ defect detection: each sheet is scanned and compared to an approved PDF master, allowing the detection of errors that may have occurred during the plate imaging process and those which may affect content integrity. Sheets with defects are automatically marked as they are delivered to the stacker.

Reporting and data collection: Virtuoso offers advanced reporting and data collection. The data from each print job is captured and stored in its SQL compatible database which can be used to improve prepress processes and enhance service capabilities. The jobs history can be accessed and reviewed at any time.


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