Protective packaging for cargo and device applications

Clariant, represented by its business line Performance Packaging exhibited Container Dri II desiccants, Desi-Sheet flat desiccants and its portfolio of additional protective packaging technologies for cargo and device applications at FachPack 2012.

“The successful integration of Performance Packaging into the Clariant global organisation offers new opportunities for our European customers to leverage the broad array of Clariant resources and the local presence of the functional materials business unit,” says An

“These assets support and enhance our broad portfolio of protective solutions for cargo transport and device shipment.”

At FachPack Clariant highlighted the advantages of Container Dri II bags, strips, poles and packs for reducing damaging humidity in shipping containers. Container Dri II desiccants absorb up to three times their weight in moisture from the atmosphere offering a patented formulation which traps this moisture in a no-spill gel and reduces the dew point to avoid ‘container rain.’

Additional solutions for cargo protection include bentonite desiccant bags, tablets and preforms and Humitector humidity indicator cards and plugs designed to meet rigorous military and industry standards.

For devices, Clariant Desi-Sheet flat desiccants adsorb moisture while eliminating bulges caused by traditional desiccant bags. These flat sheets enable customers to optimise available space inside secondary packaging thus reducing waste and shipping costs. The company offers Sukorron static shielding bags that protect sensitive parts from static discharge and electric fields during transport and storage.

Clariant offers several desiccant technologies to protect products from moisture damage throughout the supply chain. These safeguard customers’ brand equity by helping to ensure products arrive at their final destination in excellent condition. A full line of active packaging solutions is available to protect healthcare products from humidity and oxygen.


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