PURs have all the qualities

THE SPECIAL properties of PUR (reactive moisture cured hot melt polyurethanes) adhesives have opened an entirely new field of technology in many different industrial and domestic sectors, says Francis Woodruff of the company Web Processing.

These include garments of all types: such as work wear, swimwear, military, underwear, and sportswear. It also includes building products, roofing, furniture, automotive, aerospace, partitioning, medical (including drapes, gowns and dressings) stock for insulation, panelling, scrubbers and abraders for domestic and industrial uses, sheet to sheet, sheet to reel, reel to reel across many industries including paper, board and textiles.

“All these diverse applications are possible because of the extreme range of properties which PURs exhibit,” says Woodruff.

These include up to 500 percent elongation, stability from –15 to +150 degrees Celsius, good adhesion to almost all materials, low coat weight requirement  (~8 – 15gm/sq.m. typically). They are also soft to handle, washable dry cleanable and said to be cost-effective compared to virtually all other systems. Machinery for dispensing is normally small and compact and PURs themselves are non-pollutants. Trials of Web Processing’s equipment and PUR technology can be arranged in many parts of the world on already installed units.


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