Ready to change?

Bimec are proud to present the new slitter rewinder concept: the comfort of unwind and rewind on one side even with bigger rolls

Listening skills, competence in reprocessing the customer need, determination to foresee the market trends; these are the elements that allowed the birth of  TF single-face slitter rewinder

A concentration of 40 years of experience mixed with the constant innovation capacity

The TF design melds the best of two series of Bimec slitter rewinders:  compactness, easy of use and ergonomics of single-face STM50 model  combined  to  high speed, technical solutions in rewinding and equipment of TCA series

Innovative engineering and design allow to contain spaces and heights and obtain results that you usually have when using bigger slitters and with unwind carriage on the rear.

Single-face slitter rewinder  TF:  less is more!

Slitter rewinder TF  unwinds mother rolls up to 870 mm and rewinds finished rolls up to  600 mm and can reach a max speed of 800 m/min