Smart Planet Technologies introduced reCUP, a paper cup that has been proven to be recyclable within existing recycling streams, at the Packaging Innovations Show 2018

An estimated 2.5 billion paper coffee cups end up in UK landfill sites each year. This is because traditional paper cups have a 100 per cent polyethylene plastic liner that is incompatible with standard recycling systems. reCUP, developed by Smart Planet Technologies, is not produced using traditional plastic coating.

reCUP looks the same, works the same and is manufactured using the same equipment at full line speeds, as traditional paper cups. The difference is, reCUP is coated on the inside with EarthCoating, a mineralised barrier lining which breaks down and is processable through standard paper recycling streams and equipment just like uncoated paperboards.  reCUP fibres can be recycled up to seven times and are therefore a valuable material for recyclers to collect and recycle into new paper.

Will Lorenzi, president of Smart Planet Technologies Inc. comments, “EarthCoating is a new technology enabling a universal recycling solution that does not require new capital investment or modification of existing recycling equipment. reCUPS using this technology are available now for orders throughout the US, UK, Ireland, EU and AU.”