Resounding success for Ferrarini & Benelli at the Print4all 2022 exhibition

Ferrarini & Benelli attended the Print4All 2022 exhibition in Milan (3-6 of May 2022) and presented their main solutions for the printing and converting sectors.

The visitors in attendance, mostly from Italy, had the opportunity to look closely at the advantages of Polimetal, the universal corona treatment system for all converting applications. Equipped with a special conductive ceramic-coated roller and ceramic electrodes, Polimetal ensures a consistent and optimal treatment on any material, simplified film threading and easy maintenance and cleaning operations.

Polimetal is a versatile system and can treat both conductive and non-conductive materials; amongst the various models, Kappa Plus Uno stands out as the most versatile in the line, reaching a speed of 450 m/minute.

ET 98, the corona treatment system specifically designed for narrow webs and labels attracted the attention of visitors as well, due to its open design, user-friendly cartridge system for efficient film threading and due to the possibility to combine it with a wide range of technologies, such as UV, water or solvent-based flexo, gravure and offset printing.

In addition to these solutions for corona treatment, Ferrarini & Benelli also presented its Plasma treatment system, which employs plasma to improve the value of adhesion of substrates; one of its main applications is on folder-gluer lines, to ensure optimal gluing of boxes. The plasma torch works on well-defined stripes and it is perfect to treat very narrow areas of a surface. Visitors can take advantage of the properties of the plasma technology, which is easy to install on any line, does not require complex maintenance operations and is a sustainable option as well, as it does not release any harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Over the four days of the exhibition, Ferrarini & Benelli presented their main product videos, which illustrate all the benefits and technical aspects of the treatment system. In addition to the product videos, a new corporate video has been create, to shed light on the vision, mission and history of the company.

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