Revitalised slitter and transfer rollers

SPOOLEX HAS revitalised its Calemard range of slitting and rewinding equipment with easy loading and handling options for bigger mother rolls; integrated lifting systems directly from ground and new a unwinding construction allowing easy loading with crane. The company says it has been receiving requests for perfectly perpendicular edge cutting on thick nonwoven product and this has resulted in a burst cutter; a sharpened blade that cuts between two counter tools.

Rewinding modules have seen increased diameter capacities with 800mm on Vega N slitters and 1000mm on Orion N slitters. Cantilevered shafts to ease unloading operation can now be fitted with lay-on arm on centre winders to increase rewinding quality and also machines have been equipped with cameras and cells to measure diameters, web widths, or to guide.

Spoolex’s Roll Concept brand is the manufacturer’s industrial rollers product line Alveotube, engineered to improve process performance and increase slitter rewinder speed. The lightweight precision rolls and winding cores are used worldwide as cylinder, idler roll, deflecting roll, drive roller, accumulator, guide, contact, nip, dancer, lay on, calender, reel spools, roll cores.

The alveolar structure of the Alveotube profile enables it to transform into a thermal transfer roller. The cooled or heated roller has double internal fluid circulation fores an efficient thermal transfer for webs. Moreover, its aluminium structure makes it 50 percent lighter than a standard double casing roller. In standard version, Roll Concept supplies its thermal roller as simple roller to be installed on existing machines, but also as cooling unit made of a tubular frame fitted with three rollers, two thermal rollers to cool the two sides of the web and an idler roll to guide the cooled web.


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