Rotating frame guide provides plug/play system

BST International is showing the QCenter. Spectral inline spectral measurement system for obtaining reliable inline and offline data on specified colors over the entire print production.

Also new is ekr 500 D digital enhancement of the web guiding controller ekr 500 Plus.

By changeover to digital technology ekr 500 D provides simpler connectivity and ease of operation. Combined with the CompactGuide rotating frame guide, the customer gets a plug and play system for a broad range of web guiding tasks.

By means of individual live demonstrations, the capabilities of well-established products including CLS Pro 600, EMS 23 (web guiding sensor and actuator); PowerScope 4000, SUPER HANDYScan 4000 (video web inspection); SHARK 4000 LEX and SHARK 1000 LEX (100% print defect detection) will be presented.

Hall 10 Stand D41