Rotoflex grows market share in eastern Europe

Rotoflex, part of the Mark Andy group of companies, is reporting healthy growth in its market share in eastern Europe. The latest in a line of installations is at Polish label converter KDS; a second VSI inspection/ rewinder fitted with the new Genesis control system has brought extra capacity to this company which recently added a second Mark Andy flexo press, this time a P5.

The past three years has seen this small label converting business invest heavily in new technology, the two Rotoflex inspection/rewind machines immediately overcoming a production problem KDS had been experiencing with tension control.

“We installed the first Rotoflex VSI in 2010 after looking around the market for a machine that suited our type of work,” comments owner Tomasz Dabrowski.“It was the Rotoflex’s a/c vector motor that clinched the deal. The machine’s servo drive allows us to run with very low tension and this prevents the perforations from tearing on the tickets we produce.”

Coupled with fewer working parts than its competitors, according to Dabrowski, the Rotoflex is fast, accurate and very reliable, with easy operation and maintenance.

So successful was the first machine that a Rotoflex VSI was installed in 2011 with the latest Genesis control system. The new software adds even greater control and the ability to store job information for future recall. Dabrowski claims it offers a complete job change in 30 minutes. With plans to invest in MIS to provide better production data, the Genesis software on the Rotoflex is a key link in improving efficiency at KDS.

With business growing at around 12% year on year, the two Rotoflex machines will boost KDS’ capability across its product portfolio which currently is split 35% filmic: 65% paper substrates. Markets served include the food industry and a healthy growing business in cinema and transit tickets produced on 250 gsm card.

The company is moving into peel-off labels and intends to grow its export trade. Dabrowski is keen to ensure that expansion is controlled, believing that the flexibility and productivity of his Rotoflex and Mark Andy equipment offers security against market fluctuation.

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