Safe Walk concept wins award from corrugated board industry

Safety in the warehouse and factory is a major concern, particularly where the movement of personnel on and around moving equipment is concerned. A safety innovation from Ammeraal Beltech, focused on the specific needs of corrugated board manufacturing has been recognised by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. Ammeraal Beltech received the Federation’s special Health & Safety Award at the biennial FEFCO Technical Seminar recently held in Copenhagen. 

FEFCO says that Ammeraal Beltech’s plastic uni JCB modular conveyor belts will genuinely improve safety in corrugating plants. The innovative design contributes significantly to the safety of personnel who walk on the belts. It delivers high visibility belt edges and a lower slip risk as a result of its special non-slip safety surface which offers improved grip. Safer movement and smoother running are ensured by a higher tensile stiffness. At the same time plant efficiency is improved; and there is no detrimental effect through contact pressure on corrugated sheets.

“The uni JCB belt system has obvious synergies with other conveyor systems both in the specialty paper and board industries and in a wider context”, says Thomas Heer, industry segment manager, paper and print for Ammeraal Beltech.  “Safe Walk is something every industry aspires to in its factories.”