Safer core cuttter

DOUBLE E Company has re-engineered and re-designed its manual core cutter. The equipment is of heavy-duty steel construction powered by a one horsepower motor to provide stability and durability. The cutter yields precise, clean cuts without sawdust, and offers several features to enforce safe operation, says the company.

Operators must use both their hands and away from the blade in order to engage the machine (pulling the cutting head down with one while pushing a button with the other). The motor, which activates the drive rollers directly (without belts), will not turn on until the blade is in contact with the core. Other functional attributes include nylon anvils for improved blade life and a measuring bar with core stop for precise and repeatable cuts. The machine cuts cardboard and soft plastic cores with diameters ranging from 1.5-6 inches, and wall thickness up to 0.75 inch. A simple and quick modification allows the machine to switch between various core IDs.


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