SAICA installs starch preparation unit

Cellier Activity of ABB France has successfully started up the enzymatic starch preparation unit and film press working stations supplied to Spanish Group SAICA for its new paper machine PM11 at Partington Mill, Manchester.

The 8.2 m wide machine is designed to produce around 400,000 tons of lightweight test liner and fluting grades out of 100% recycled raw materials at a speed of 1700 m/mn. Cellier Activity was responsible for the process and automation engineering, design and supply of equipment, assembly supervision and start-up assistance.

The starch cooking process is continuous with three jet cookers operating in parallel. The starch quality remains constant regardless of the required output capacity. Working stations include Filtercel LHP inline pressure filters in order to guarantee an optimal product quality and maximum unit uptime rate. The high-pressure self-cleaning function ensures automatic and highly efficient cleaning with minimal water consumption. Jarshire is sole UK agent for ABB France.

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