Sapphire can be transformed to reduce waste

ASHE CONVERTING Equipment has developed a new model in its Sapphire range of duplex slitter rewinders with reduction of waste being its top design feature. The S²R incorporates a driven unwind with dancer control feedback for high speed operation and accurate tension control, and will handle reels of up to one metre in diameter.

A device on the rewind can convert the bottom shaft from differential winding to a lift out lock bar arrangement for rewinding up to one metre in diameter if required.

The machine will inspect, rewind cut out damaged material, as well as defective print or other faults and can even rewind printed product so that the print is the correct way around for the next operation.

The machine can be operated  so that on inspection, if there is a missed  flag or a splice, it can be reversed back to the unwind, wastage taken off and then continued to the rewind.

By inspecting prior to laminating and coating, Ashe Converting claims there savings on running time and that extra waste is not incurred when combining two or three substrates together. The machine can be changed back to a duplex slitter rewinder requires just a matter of minutes.


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