Second year run for Kingsmoor Packaging’s Haribo Halloween Duo Tub

Haribo’s seasonal Scaremix and Tangfastricks Duo Tub, produced by thermoforming specialist, Kingsmoor Packaging, will be on the shelves once again this Halloween following a successful launch last year.

For the initial design of the ‘naughty or nice’ rigid plastic tub, Haribo asked Kingsmoor Packaging to submit a range of themed ideas to support both its Halloween and Christmas promotions. Following a presentation of designs, a pumpkin shaped duo tub with a lid for the face was selected for Halloween.

In developing the concept further, Kingsmoor Packaging submitted a number of hand-pulled thermoformed Jack O’Lantern samples, which included various textures, realistic pumpkin ribs and a stalk. Samples included variations in sweet capacity, as well as the inclusion of a small ‘foot’ that allowed the tub to stand-up, thereby providing maximum shelf impact at a key time of year. The colour of the design was also subject to specific orange colour swatches to ensure the right tone was used.

As the tub and lid have been thermoformed in rPET, both are fully recyclable. Providing a demonstration of design creativity and rigid plastic manufacturing all from a single source, the product combines flexibility and innovation by offering seasonal packaging with a quick lead-time and at a cost effective price. The reusability of the tub also makes it ideal for handing out sweets at Halloween or for other uses.

Claire Caley, seasonal brand manager, Haribo, said, “Kingsmoor came up with a number of options for this particular launch last year, but as a new concept the clear favourite was the pumpkin. Once the decision was made and the design refined, they responded very quickly to produce the required stock to meet our timescales. Given the success of the tub last year, we’re looking forward to a similar performance at retail this year.”

Kingsmoor Packaging manufacture food grade packaging solutions in APET, PP and HIPS — as well as RPET, which contains at least 50 per cent post-consumer recycled waste and at least 30 per cent industry recycled waste.