Self-Healing Cutting Mats Now Available from First Mats

Industrial and Commercial floor matting specialists First Mats now offer a range of professional-grade Cutting Mats. The specially designed mats protect workbenches and other surfaces from cutting marks caused by knives, rotary cutters, and similar tools.

Various grades and styles of Cutting Mats are included in the range. Traditional Green cutting mats, complete with grid markings in imperial and metric units, are ideal for crafting and quilting, whereas transparent cutting mats are recommended for flat-bed laminators and graphics applications.

The white Heavy-Duty cutting mats are most popular among First Mats’ customers, thanks to their exceptionally durable design. They are ideally suited to industrial and commercial facilities such as packaging areas. The hard-wearing nature of white cutting mats ensures many years of use, even in the most demanding industrial environments. Customers can order these cutting mats in custom sizes at no additional cost.

Unlike traditional work surface protectors, the self-healing cutting mats quickly ‘heal up’ to maintain a smooth surface. This helps the user to consistently cut straight without creating grooves or tramlines in the surface while vastly improving the lifespan of cutting implements.

Richard O’Connor, Strategic Marketing Director of First Mats, said: “This new range of self-healing cutting mats provides a fantastic addition to our already established range of industrial and commercial floor matting, supporting customers in even more areas of their workplace.”

Since its formation in 2017, First Mats has become a leading supplier of industrial and commercial floor mats. These include anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, logo mats, and specialist matting for different industries. The company places great emphasis on safety and quality throughout the range.

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