Shrink film shows its versatility


From water to cocktails

SHRINK SLEEVES manufacturer Chadwicks has created a modern, bright sleeve for the Pina Colada cocktail from Manchester Drinks using six colours UV flexo on 50 micron film and a high opacity white developed to minimise transparency.

Mike Kelly, account manager at Chadwicks Sleeves, said: “Chadwicks worked hard to design a sleeve which would stand out against competitors, and our development of the high opacity white means the Pina Colada looks clean and bright on the shelf. We always aim to provide quality sleeving solutions, as well as conscientious customer service.”

In addition to the Manchester Drinks contract, Chadwicks has been working for Luna and Lara Pure Spring Water creating what the company describes as “three fun, eye-catching designs using the brand’s twin characters ‘Prince Tabby’ and ‘Princess Tara’ to appeal to children”.

The sleeves are printed eight-colour UV Flexo on 50 micron film, providing a vibrant quality look for this new range that the customer hopes will encourage children to drink more water by using eye-catching cartoons that illustrate the health benefits that it can bring.

The sleeves also feature the Luna and Lara ‘Guide to Drinking Water’ on the reverse, which is accompanied by rhymes and colourful images, creating a healthy product that appeals directly to children.


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Sleeves with tear-off strip

EMMI CAFFE Latte coffee promotional packs are using an unusual shrink sleeve design thanks to European lids and shrink sleeves manufacturer, NYCO Flexible Packaging, Switzerland.

NYCO created a sleeve with a perforated, tear-off strip with a special code printed on the reverse to give consumers the chance to win holiday vouchers as part of a competition sponsored by client Emmi. Each unique code corresponds to a potential prize when entered on Emmi’s website by the consumer.

Careful consideration was given to the positioning and type of perforation to ensure that the sleeve would remain in place once the coded strip was removed. NYCO created a sleeve that would fulfil these product characteristics and be easy-to-use by the consumer, says Emmi.

NYCO Flexible Packaging was previously awarded a Swiss Star for its sleeves developed especially for Emmi Caffè Latte.

Sander Kool, commercial manager at NYCO Flexible Packaging, said: “What appears at first glance to be a perfectly normal sleeve, turns out to be a sophisticated packaging solution.”

NYCO specialises in the manufacture of printed lids and sleeves for the dairy, fresh foods and beverage and pharmaceutical markets in Switzerland and throughout the rest of Europe.


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Green film wraps pallets

PALLET STRETCH wrap manufacturer, bpi.films, has launched a new product which can help users of standard stretch wrapping machines to boost their green credentials, reduce costs and improve efficiency, it is claimed.

Known as Wrapsmart Max (WSmax), the new generation, downgauged film draws on advanced polymers to offer all the performance of a conventional stretch wrapping film but from a far thinner film profile.

WSmax users can enjoy the same pallet protection, stability and security achieved with thicker films but from a thinner gauge. This also means they use considerably less film by weight to wrap a pallet in turn creating less packaging waste. In addition, WSmaxis 100 percent recyclable.

Despite its already reduced thickness, WSmax can be further stretched up to 150 percent enabling users to achieve significantly reduced ‘wrap per pallet’ consumption without any compromise on performance.

Further green benefits to WSmax stem from the fact that fewer film deliveries are required. Since it is thinner, bpi.films is able to wind more of it on to a standard roll. Each reel of WSmax contains 2800m of film meaning a typical pallet of 60 reels equates to 100 miles of film.

WSmax is claimed to improve efficiency in other ways, for example, the greater length of film per reel allows more pallets to be wrapped with fewer stoppages for reel changes. This maximises machine and operator output.

WSmax is lighter than conventional machine film weighing 9.5kgs compared to a typical 17kg standard machine roll. This lighter weight contributes to increased ease of transportation and again, a reduction in associated transport emissions. It also improves portability and ease of handling on the warehouse or factory floor.


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