Simple operation sheeting solutions

AZCO has specialised in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for more than 25 years, giving customers the benefit of targeted expertise, skills and resources

AZCO has introduced a new generation of simple to operate sheeting equipment that can fit in any type of converting or material handling environment.

Designed for high speed applications, the SUR-SIZE FGW-1000 sheeter is easy to use and very reliable. Just plug it in and the unit is ready to operate. Suitable for film, foil, paper, non-woven, laminate, composite or any other flexible material, it is modular in design to meet all requirements.

All functions are entered into an easy to use colour touchscreen. State of the art controls are used including a servo motor drive system which assures precision cutting accuracy on materials up to 1000mm/39.4 in. wide. An unwind with an optional edge guide, a cut-to-length assembly with an optional slitter and a take-away conveyor are included with this machine.

Optic registration

The motorised unwind stand is simple to use. Material is placed onto the shaft which can either be a simple one with core adaptors or an air shaft which will secure the material to the roll. The SUR-SIZE Cutto- Length assembly indexes and cuts the material to a predetermined length. An optional optic registration system feeds and cuts to a register mark. The unit has accuracy of +/- .038mm/.015 in. This cut-to-length assembly has heavy duty rollers and bearings which are permanently sealed and lubricated for long life and low maintenance AZCO has specialised in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for more than 25 years, giving customers the benefit of targeted expertise and resources. Standard units can be modified to provide custom solutions and equipment provides the reliability and simple to use products necessary for the productive converting and packaging environment.

Exceptional durability

The FGW-1000 sheeter is built to last, providing exceptional durability with remarkable accuracy for a wide range of substrates including films, foils, paper, nonwovens, corrugated and rubber products.

Simple to use, the roll is placed onto the air shaft which is supported by safety chucks to enable quick changes.

A motorised unwind with operator control and dancer assembly provides constant web tension as the material goes over the ball-bearing idler rollers. Precision ground urethane drive rollers are turned by a brushless servo motor, allowing for clean cut lengths while keeping maintenance low. Material is accurately cut with an easy-toreplace guillotine knife cartridge.

Online assistance

The PLC that controls the unit has a USB port which can be accessed through the internet to provide assistance from anywhere in the world. A webcam is included with the unit to further enhance remote training or technical sessions.

Further features include 1000 mm/39” cut width; rugged clear anodised frame with stainless covers; 76 mm/3” air shaft; longlife tool steel guillotine blades; and accuracy: +/- 0.4 mm/0.015” or +/- 0.085%(whichever is larger). CE rated, power requirements are 110 V AC or 220 V AC and 30 – 90 psi (2-6 bar) compressed air.

Optional extras include: eye registration; edge guide system; slitter station; take-away conveyor; stacker; accumulator; dual unwind/rewind; no-product sensors; static eliminator; dual drive; coated surfaces to reduce adhesive build-up; and SmartKnife technology to give high speed cutting rates.


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