Slitter shafts replaced with immediate benefits

Smith & Nephew Extruded Films (SNEF) has replaced existing differential shafts on a slitter rewinder machine with Svecom type 650/PLS differential shafts. The shafts were supplied by Svecom’s UK and Ireland agent, Jarshire and completed in three months from enquiry to online operation. The installation also included a new PLC and operator interface.

SNEF process engineer at the UK plant, Leo Martin, is expecting big benefits from the upgrade.

“We have achieved increases in throughput of some 20 percent already together with a notable improvement in the quality and repeatability of the processed material.”

The Svecom 650PLS Cam Lock differential rewind shaft has self-expanding rings (cams) assembled on a chromium plated and ground steel shaft. These cams grip the cardboard core by expanding as the shaft is rotated. The carrier shaft has three expanding differential ledges which inflate to grip the ID of the cams. A pneumatic rotary joint in the shaft journal end adjusts air pressure that is fed into the shaft. The standard air pressure range is from 0-6 bar dependant on the external reel diameter and the tension required by the material being processed. The force of friction produced between the differential ledges and the self-expanding rings generates a perfect and independent rewound reel.

The main advantages claimed for the Svecom system are the reliability and long life of the cams and ledges; speed of loading and unloading the cores; fully rewound reels; and the availability of running cores with different internal diameters on the same carrier shaft through the use of additional cam locks.


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