Slitters can be profit centres not just costs

ACCORDING TO Spanish company Comexi, the slitting and rewinding process has been much maligned by been seen purely as a cost instead of a potential profit centre. This view is changing, says Comexi spokesman Agusti Combis, as the industry realises that the slitting machine is gateway to the invoicing stage.

Without the slitting process the final product is not sent to the brand owner. If the slitting process creates problems of quality, the product is returned with a possible penalty. It is therefore clear that investment decisions regarding the slitting area are more sensitive and strategic than at first seems.

In addition to the investment in a slitting machine, there is an important aspect related to the assembly of an inline process in order to improve productivity. Good tension control, ergonomics, safety and robustness are concepts considered as fundamentals in a high technology slitter-rewinder, but it is the inline processes that can add value to package involved in the process.

Common inline processes, such as embossing, pre-cutting, macro and micro perforating, web inspection and die cutting, are frequently carried on offline using different machines, a time consuming process that costs time and reduces efficiency. The converter should be aiming for a quicker time to market and providing better service to the customer.

One process that can help a converter to diversify is micro laser perforation. In fact, it is developing into a high productivity process with production volumes hitherto unimaginable for current equipment to date, giving the possibility of good returns of the investment.

In order to develop this market, the Proslit range of equipment within the Comexi Group has partnered with Easy Laser to offer added value in the slitting process, specifically on the integration of micro perforated or longitudinal or cross pre-cutting processes all within one system. This consolidation has been designed and assembled in a Proslit Eikon but it can be adaptable to any machines in the range. To date, the speed with cylindrical holes with diameters of 70 microns with Pe or PP material or laminated between 30 and 200 microns, were not higher than 200-250 m / min. There two sectors ripe for exploitation with this machine: fruit and vegetables (salads, applying anti rust, anti-fog and dry foods such as coffee with easy opening packaging.

The integration of the Easy Scan Pack 100/50, eight-inch head system in the Eikon (double turret machine high-performance technology) provides versatility, offering two material treading options: one for micro perforation (anti oxidation, plant conservation and anti-fog) or pre-cuttings (easy opening) and a second one to work as a slitter-rewinder without micro perforation.

The speed achieved with the currently Proslit Eikon  without in-line process, is up to 800m/min, thus providing productivity levels that can exceed the 320,000 metres per 24 hours. Proslit has incorporated inline processes with the following configuration; the Eikon double turret slitter with 100 percent inspection, macro and micro perforation and powder unit; the Duo 11 slitter with online inspection; the Compack 2 slitter with separate unwind stand with in-line macro perforation and folder unit and an e-turret slitter with separate unwind stand with in-line macro perforation unit.


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