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While Delta ModTech prides itself on offering the most innovative equipment for converting, coating and packaging it is also an exceptional resource for industry information.

The Delta ModTech blog is a go-to source to seek expert practical advice on how product developers and converting contractors can improve converting and die cutting processes. Monthly blog posts provide insights from the company as well as industry experts, focusing on topics such as material selection, reducing scrap, uptime, changeover, coating, die cutting, validation compliance and more.

Some samples of Delta’s most recent posts can be found below.

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Delta ModTech blog post:

UV Curing: 4 Reasons to Opt for a Hybrid UV System

UV curing has become the process of choice for instantly drying inks, coatings or adhesives. Now the decision facing converters is to choose the traditional mercury arc lamp, or opt for new LEDs.  UV curing specialists GEW shares some insights about why a hybrid option is your most economical and effective choice.


Delta ModTech blog post:

A Smarter Converting Option for an NFC Chip Manufacturer

In the process of producing a multi-layered label with an NFC chip, CSI Medical did more than just manufacture a solution for a client. They manufactured an opportunity.  Finding smarter ways to do things is part of the fun of the converting business.  It’s what gets an engineer out of bed in the morning, and keeps them at their desk late at night. This was the case with the engineering team at CSI Medical, and it’s why they took on, and delivered, a job for a medical device client.


Delta ModTech blog post:

How to Increase Chances for Success When You Launch a New Product With Adhesives

Product teams experience a common pitfall during the design and production of a medical product.  A specialty tape converter explains how it can derail efforts to launch a new product, and offers a simple solution for doing things the right way.

When you’re in the converting business, everything matters and anything can cause problems.  One small overlooked component in a new product can cause delays, wasted resources, and ultimately jeopardize the product’s likelihood of success.


Delta ModTech blog post:

Durable Labels: 3M Shares Insights and 5 Top Applications

As the market potential for durable labels continues to expand, more converters are adding the product to their portfolio. 3M, a longtime leader in the segment, provided us with an overview of durable labels, including the five applications that can drive your marketing efforts.

Our partnership with Domino on the integration of the N610i 7-color digital UV inkjet label printer on our machines has opened the realm of possibility to durable label printing for many of our current customers.

To help you understand more about the market opportunities, we reached out to Ryan Faber,  Durable Labels Marketing Manager with 3M, for a strategic look at this market segment.  It includes what applications 3M focuses on, and how you can work with them to innovate new solutions.


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Frontier is a world leader in the development of slot-die coating machinery. Frontier has decades of experience building machines producing Li-ion battery electrodes, photovoltaics, fuel cells and energy storage. Visit us at the show to see our Compact Coating and Drying solution. This turn-key coating system has a small footprint and is a perfect fit for lab scale, pilot scale or production coating.

The Battery Show is Europe’s largest trade fair for advanced battery technology, taking place 15 – 17 May 2018, in Hannover, Germany. More than 300 manufacturers and service providers from across the supply chain will display thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions, including battery systems, materials, components, testing and recycling, for industries including automotive, utilities, renewable energy, grid, power tools and electronics.[/tcol]