Sonoco boosts sustainability credentials with INCPEN membership

Sonoco Europe, a unit of Sonoco, has become a member of the Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN). This represents an important step in Sonoco’s ongoing effort to further develop its sustainability and corporate social responsibility credentials – and to help promote environmental awareness and decisive action in the wider packaging industry.

INCPEN works closely with its wide-ranging membership base, which includes some of the world’s largest enterprises, as well as small, local firms. The organisation has been working with the United Nations on its sustainable development goals as it continues to work tirelessly to form a society that operates in harmony with the planet’s natural resources.

“We’re delighted to have been accepted into INCPEN’s membership scheme,” said Sonoco Consumer Products Europe division vice president and general manager Seàn Cairns. “It’s an invaluable organisation, dedicated to helping the packaging industry develop a better understanding of the role packaging plays in the environment. This collaboration with INCPEN and its other members is part of our global vision to establish a comprehensive roadmap for a sustainable and circular economy. It also ensures that Sonoco will continue to evolve in its efforts to make a meaningful impact in the recycling sector.”

Sonoco, based in Hartsville, South Carolina, US, is active in 85 nations worldwide, providing innovative solutions and expertise on packaging materials and branding – from product protection to global brand consistency. Its range of products are specially designed to reduce packaging and food waste while minimising environmental impact.

INCPEN CEO Paul Vanston said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Sonoco on board, a truly global packaging company with a substantial recycling division and an exceptional history of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

“I’m sure our colleagues and fellow members will feel that Sonoco fits perfectly with INCPEN’s standing in the sustainable packaging sector. We would like to warmly welcome them and are very much looking forward to working together.”