Speed up with a Dotec Roll Unloading Trolley

Jarshire Ltd, specialist component supplier to the converting industry, claims to offer a quick and economical solution to slow roll and reel handling issues by the use of a Dotec Roll Unloading Trolley designed by a company that has been manufacturing bespoke reel handling systems for over twenty years.

When high-speed slitters regularly run at less than their full potential due to the time required for manual unloading and packing of the slit reels, not only is it obviously more costly, but it also involves intensive physical effort on behalf of the operator. However, the simple operation of the Dotec trolley will take both of these problems away.

In operation, the trolley removes the full shaft-load of rolls from the unloading shaft, and the associated Rotary Action Roll Handler (RH90) lifts, tilts and places the rolls on the pallet in a smooth, safe and effective motion.

The full system comprises a crane or rail system with an air balancer that will handle 150kg loads; the RH90 which has a capacity of 100kg; and the trolley which is pneumatically operated by an air battery system and has a lifting capability of 250kg for rolls with a diameter from 300 to 750mm.

For one of the most comprehensive reel handling systems available, designed for the operator – and the accountant – please contact Jarshire.

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