Static neutralising system with full network functionality

Hildebrand Technology is the first and only company worldwide to offer an intelligent electrostatic neutralising system which provides the full functionality of a network.

The IONstream FUSION product line offers its users indefinite flexibility and future compatibility. This intelligent micro-controller operated electrostatic discharging system communicates via the well-known, established and reliable CANbus.

All relevant and important system parameters and data within the network can easily be visualised. At this level the machine builder or end user has the choice of:

● IONnet: Visualisation and operation of the system with a touch panel PC via the Hildebrand Technology GuardION-Software.

● IONgate Gateway: The system can be connected to a GateWay from which there is the ultimate choice to translate from the CANbus to any common industry bus including Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet and Controlnet.

● IONlink: For service and maintenance the system offers the possibility to connect the IONlink Bluetooth module to the network. With this tool the system parameters and data including neutralising efficiency, contamination degree or actual ionising current are communicated wirelessly within 100m via Bluetooth to any Android operated handheld device using the IONpilot App.

● Standalone: Simply connect a 24V DC power supply and the system can work independent from a network with its default factory settings. Real time status visualisation and performance monitoring is communicated via the multi-function LED which is incorporated into each IONstream FUSION discharging bar.

Each IONstream FUSION bar incorporates the patent pending AUTODC neutralising technology which guarantees outstanding static neutralising performance results. The intelligent embedded

AUTODC Technology software in every neutralising bar senses the polarity of charge on the target substrate surface and automatically corrects the pulse/pause output relationship in order to achieve maximum neutralising effect.

Outstanding neutralising effect

When operating in AUTODC mode the system can have up to a 90% pulse output of the correct polarity ions to neutralise the substrate and a short 10% pulse output of the redundant, same polarity ions. The neutralising effect is said to be ‘outstanding’ especially when operating at high process speed and high static charge levels.

With the optional GuardION-TQM software package ‘residual charge’ on the substrate surface can be measured and recorded utilising the IONsense network capable electrostatic field sensor. This ability to sample and record neutralising data on every reel processed and be able to refer back to this data for any reel on any day at any time (subject to the sampling frequency set) provides the customer with the ability to include residual charge data on his own quality assurance documentation or provide this data following a customer complaint.

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