Sticking to Martin technology

WET GLUE label manufacturer Engelhardt-Etikett with a raft of multi colour sheet fed presses at its two production facilities in Nördlingen, southern Germany, is now reporting full capacity on its Drent Goebel VSOP mid web press following its decision to enter the wraparound label market and to install unwind and rewind systems from Martin Automatic to the press.

The company saw this as important following selective research of the market and its decision to stick with offset printing on the widest web width available, which at that time was 850mm, offered by Drent Goebel. The VSOP line installed is an eight-colour press with inline flexo varnishing unit, capable of running at 260 m/min.

Currently, the company converts 370 million square metres of substrate each year, which amounts to 35 billion labels.

The two Martin Automatic units specified needed to be big and strong. An ECPF (F for Film) unwind and high-speed splicer, and an RMAP rewinder were chosen to cope with the web width and the weight of the 1.25 m diameter rolls. These two units have ample spare capacity to cope with non-stop running, and by way of complimenting Martin on the performance of its units says technical manager Josef Stelzle.


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