Sun Chemical Europe announces price increase

Sun Chemical today announces a price increase for its European customers across all Sun Chemical product lines effective from 1 January 2013. The percentage increase will be in the high single digits and vary dependent on the product composition and product line. Sun Chemical will communicate specific increases directly with customers.

Despite average raw material prices stabilising in 2012 costs have risen on an annual basis and further increases are expected for 2013. These are mainly due to production and environmental restrictions on key materials, weaker value of the Euro and high demand levels.

“The high levels of raw material costs are unprecedented and as a result make it necessary for us to keep our ink prices under review,” explains chief marketing officer Felipe Mellado. “We work proactively with our supply chain partners to manage and minimise costs but due to the economic reality cost pressures have been constant and significant price increases are being passed on to the inks industry. To ensure we maintain high levels of product quality and service as well as profitability it has become necessary to further increase customer prices.”