Sun Chemical introduces SunLit Crystal ‘all-in-one’ ink solution

Sun Chemical is today launching SunLit Crystal – an ‘all-in-one’ ink solution designed for print work where visual impression is key.
With the increasing use of electronic media, consumers are expecting the same level of vividness and placing higher value on printed material. SunLit Crystal enables printers to produce highly appealing prints whilst maintaining effectiveness in the printing process. This ‘all-in-one’ ink solution is a universal sheetfed offset process ink set.

SunLit Crystal is based on a very high proportion of renewable raw materials which contributes to environmental sustainability. It is also fully aligned with the measures of print standardisation (ISO 12647:2) which is a major benefit for print buyers, particularly international organisations.
“The feedback we’ve received from our beta customers has been positive with responses such as: excellent lithographic performance and very good optical properties,” comments Dr Bernhard Fritz, product manager Sheetfed Systems Europe. “We know there is a demand for this product from our ongoing R&D and we’ve received high interest in this ink from Latin America as well as Asia.”
As a vegetable oil-based printing ink SunLit Crystal can be used on straight or perfecting presses of all sizes and is the ideal solution if one or more presses are supplied from a pumping station. The ink solution is faster in work and turn than most standard printing inks and its high drying capability leads to print work with very good mechanical resistance, ensuring optimum pressroom efficiency.
“Customers who work with electronic media are used to high quality and vivid images and SunLit Crystal can help replicate this quality in printed material to compete with all forms of media,” concludes Dr Fritz.