Sun Chemical offers new migration-compliant metallic inks

Continuing to meet the needs of customers to help them improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable future, Sun Chemical is introducing a set of migration-compliant metallic inks for sheet-fed offset printing.

The new set of inks — part of Sun Chemical’s SunPak FSP range of bio-based, lithographic inks for board and paper — comprises four colours: silver, rich gold, rich pale gold and pale gold. Ideal for food packaging, as they have been fully certified as migration-compliant, the inks deliver printability and visible metallic brilliance.

Developed to ensure that there is no batch-to-batch variation and offering a storage life of 12 months, the new inks will be despatched to customers as a ready mixed, one-pack system, so that the customer doesn’t have to spend time mixing the inks onsite and only needs to handle them when adding them to the press.

The new inks have been validated in tests by existing Sun Chemical customers with positive results. The feedback indicates that the new range of metallic inks delivers storage stability, is robust on press and has drawn level with standard oil-based metallic inks in terms of metallic brilliance.

Detlef Trautewein, technical service manager, Sheetfed Europe, Sun Chemical, said, “In line with Sun Chemical’s commitment to continuous innovation to help our customers operate more productive, profitable and sustainable businesses, we’re now introducing our latest set of metallic inks. Offering an unsurpassed level of shine, together with a 12-month storage life, batch consistency and a migration-compliant certification in a one-pack system, we’re confident that these new additions to our SunPak range will enable our customers to produce stand-out packaging for their customers.”

The SunPak set of migration-compliant metallic inks is now available through Sun Chemical’s sales network in Europe, North America and South America.