Tailored force measurement bolts

Within the industry there is a trend to more measurement whereas formerly it was sufficient to rely on the design of the machine and especially well trained and long-term experienced machine mechanics.

Today it is more important that the machine knows more and more about itself as the requirements towards the machine increase and the trend to have fewer and perhaps less experienced machine operators continues. Therefore the machine needs to use its knowledge about itself in order to function. This also applies to the issue of force measurement.

Bolts or load pins are suitable for force measurement in different parts of the machines and with regard to retrofits. For more than 20 years HAEHNE has been offering a comprehensive standard product program. But it is not always possible for a customer or an OEM to use a force measurement bolt from the standard program regarding individual requirements. This was the thinking behind HAEHNE developing a system for force measurement bolts which can be tailored to the customer’s specific application.

Based on the convenient request form customers can describe their requirements and submit through fax or email to HAEHNE. Within a short time they will receive their individual drawings and a specific quotation including delivery time.

“We hope that through this tailored offer we become more responsive to our customer requirements,” explains senior president Fred Goronzy. “Customers and interested companies are invited to take full advantage of this offer.”


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